Thursday, July 16, 2009

Legit Kannagi, too

It's been an interesting month for US licensing announcements. An official English-language Kannagi website has been up and running since May, and I expected that a release was in the works, but I did not expect a ninja release with the first DVD available the same day as the announcement (through Amazon, with Right Stuf getting in on the action tomorrow). After all of the reorganizations, cancellations and wobbly schedules from American anime companies in recent years, color me impressed.

Kannagi is probably the second best TV anime from 2008; it's very much a bishoujo (pretty girls) genre piece, but handled with more humor and sensitivity to character development than is typical. I wonder when we'll see 2008's show of the year, Toradora, in the US? There are vague indications that Funimation will pick that one up, but nothing definite yet.

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